Best Heat Transfer Vinyl 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl 2021 : Fashion is a modern-day personality of a human. It is really important to be with the trend and the latest fashion. In this time, you can make your own fashion as well.

You can decorate your clothes with Heat Transfer Vinyl which lets you implement a design of your choice on a cloth. Sounds cool, No?

The process is extremely simple to do but the question is, are all the vinyl same? The answer is No. there are good and bad vinyl in terms of durability efforts of implementation and safety.

In this article, we have brought you some of the best Heat transfer Vinyl in the market. these can be a suitable choice for small project and for professional use as well. There is a choice for all in this list.

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews 2021

These Best HTV have all the properties for different usage. You need to figure the purpose you need it for and here you will find a choice for sure. So, just scroll and get yourself the best heat transfer vinyl one for you.

#1. Somolux HTV Iron on Vinyl Roll:

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Here we have a product made up of PVC. The vinyls here are available in a number of sizes and a lot more options for colors. The size options you have for this Vinyl roll are 10 inches * 8 feet, 12 inches * 12 feet, Matt 12 inches * 15 feet, 12 inches * 25 feet.

The color options for this product are more than a dozen. With Somolux, you get 15 color options. The color options available are Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Orange, Lemon Green, Light Blue, Matt Black and Matt White.

You might not get all the sizes available in stock all the time but 12 inches * 12 feet is most of the times in stocks with almost all the color options available with it. The price for different sizes is surely different but there is not significant difference in the price of different colors.

There might be a slight difference but not more than a couple of dollars. This way you can choose the color that suits you the most without any worry of price hikes. The product is known to provide an excellent durability to your print on the T-shirt even after repeated washing.

The product is suitable to be used by and on any craft cutters. It includes Cricut, Silhouette, Cameo, Brother and Heat Press Machine. The product is extremely easy to cut and weed. Not just that, it prefers to access an ecofriendly heat transfer. It is a complete value for money product.


  • A large number of color options and sizes as well to choose the one you need.
  • A very decent price for the kind of product it is.
  • Easy to work with all kind of Craft cutters.


  • Vinyl gives a bit of Plastic look.
  • Some people have faced a little difficulty in the process of weeding with different machines.

Value for Money?

The product lets you decorate you outfit as per your choice with no major cost. It is ready to work with all kind of craft cutters. The number of color options and size options are so many so that you can choose the very color that you need at a single place.

The price of the product is very decent and affordable to be used by anyone. It lasts for a long time even after some repeated washing.

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#2. Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle:

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Here we have a very great product from Firefly Crafts. They have a master piece of Heat Transfer Vinyl. From this company, you can buy the High Transfer Vinyl just in bundles not individuals. You can choose as less as two HTVs and as much as 15 of them.

You get a number of options in the selection of number of bundles of Heat Transfer Vinyl. All the Bundles of these Heat Transfer Vinyl are in the size of 12 * 20. The size is large than you usually get which are 12 * 12 or 12 * 15. This lets you have a wider and better design which you can expand to a better length.

The color options are even more magnificent. The color options available with them are around 25 in numbers. These 25 color options for you are Black, Coral, Deep Pink, Elastic Foil Gold, Fluorescent Green, Gold, Lime, Green, Mint Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, White, Yellow, Silver, Gray, Tan, Brown, Khaki, Orange, Deep Orange, Peach.

The options in the number of bundles are, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 10 and 15. There is one more option of Mystery which you can select in case you want to be creative with whatever you get. There is surely a price different in the different bundle options but it is quite affordable and worth it.

It works with all the kind of plotting cutters. It is extremely easy to cut and weed and ca be applied on different kind of clothes. The best thing is that it can be applied on the leather clothes as well. They are durable and last after multiple washes.


  • A large number of color and size options. You can select multiple colors at same place.
  • Applicable on all kind of clothes including lather as well.
  • Extended size helps to implement larger design.


  • Wrong settings may crumple the vinyl a bit.
  • Not a suitable product to be used after rough washing.

Value for Money?

You can get almost all the colors you need in just one order. Not just that, the number of bundles can be as small as just two and up to 15 so you need not to worry about the usage.

Another reason that makes this product worth your choice is its size. It has a larger size that can be utilized by you in a better way without worrying much about the residue.

The only issue which is a problem with most of the vinyl is that they must not be washed roughly used brushes and all otherwise, they can last long for you.

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#3. YRYM HT HTV Transfer Vinyl Bundle: –

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The very first reason for me to recommend this item to you or to bring this item in the list of top Heat Transfer Vinyl is its ranking on Amazon. The product has been used widely and equally loved by its consumers. It is #1 in the category of “Iron-on Transfers” on Amazon.

This makes it a trust worthy choice as it has been used and reviewed by a larger audience and the majority of the audience have loved it a lot. In this pack, you get 26 sheets of Vinyl with the size of 12 * 10 inches with about 20 different color shades with some of the colors in multiple sheets.

The colors you get here are three sheets of white, three sheets of black, two sheets of red colors. Another thing for you to consider is the ease of cutting and weeding these sheets. It is quite easy and nonchalant to do that.

The YRYM are known to produce best as well as safe products for their consumers and once again they excelled in the job. These sheets are made up of SGS certified material. This material keeps you and your family safe from all kind of chemicals.

The product is completely suitable for machine washes and has elasticity with them to be used without worries of easy peeling off. At the end, you might be wondering the price of the #1 on Amazon and it will surprise you to know that this product is one of the cheapest Vinyl in the market.


  • One of the most affordable Vinyl in the market.
  • Multiple color options and sheets in just one order.
  • Safe and chemical free with elastic property for longer durability.


  • Different adhesion making the settings different for heating.
  • A bit more lustrous to give plastic like look.

Value for Money?

This product can be the finest choice for you in all kind of Vinyl usage. You can use it for decorating your clothes to using them in your projects. It can do all of it.

The price of the product is so pocket friendly and has more durability and elasticity that most of the Vinyl in the market.

Not just that, the product is safe to be used by the consumers as well as for the nature making it a very suitable choice to decorate clothes of little children.

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#4. CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll:

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Here we have a product that is not in sheets but a complete roll which lets you make design of your choice without worrying about the size.

The size pf the roll is extremely long. Here you get a roll of size 12 inches by 20 feet which is quite very long.

You also get four color options with this product. These color options are very basic white, Black, Blue and Red. These Vinyl are made up of poly urethane which makes it an easy to cut and weed product. Not just that, it also gets applied at a lower temperature than other vinyl.

The product also comparatively thinner than other sheets of vinyl but this doesn’t affect the durability of the product as it last long even after regular washing. It is suitable to be used with multiple machines including all the kind of cutting machines and even our household iron. Talking about the price of the product, its extremely affordable and less than a couple of dozens of dollars.


  • A large roll is available which means less wastage of the vinyl.
  • A very affordable price. The product is completely worth it.
  • Made up of easy to cut and weed polyurethane.


  • Only four-color options are available which makes it hard to make colorful designs.
  • A great product for clothes but not a choice for mugs.

Value for Money?

The very good thing about the rolls are that they let you use the product at its best with least of the wastage.

It is made up of polyurethane which lets it be a thin easy to cut and weed vinyl which makes you task easier. This is a product you must go for if you want things fast and easy.

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#5. EYGOO HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls:

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Once again here we have a roll on the list letting you use the product at its best. The roll is in the size of 12 inches by 13 feet. It is a short-sized roll of Vinyl which you can use for your projects and clothes as well.

With this product you get 6 color options to select the one you need. These are the very basic colors of the spectrum.The color options available are Black, Blue, Gold, Red, White and Yellow. The price for all the colors is same so you need not to worry about it.

The price is not just same but extremely affordable as well. This product also offers us just the normal price we expect and it is completely worth it. The product is suitable to be used on clothes as well as caps and other stuffs. It is also suitable to be used with all kind of cutters.

It is made up of 110-micron ultra-thin polyurethane which is soft and offers very good elasticity making it a long-lasting durable product. It is an easy to cut, weed and peel product which keeps your hard work on the easier side. You can even heat it with the household iron.


  • Available in roll providing better use.
  • Thin elastic and durable product.
  • A very affordable and decent price.


  • A lesser number of color options.
  • Not suitable for rough washing. To be washed inside out.

Value for money?

The size of this roll is a bit less which makes it a perfect choice to be used for projects. It has high adhesive power so it can be used for multi-purpose.

The price and the quality are extremely good. Its better elasticity makes it a long-lasting durable product.

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#6. 5ARTH Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls:

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The product is available as a roll in the size of 12 inches by 12 feet where you can use it effectively. The price of the product is extremely low and affordable. Not just that, the product has excellent quality.

The quality of the product can be expressed by the fact that the product is one of the Amazon Choice products in the list. The color options here are extremely limited to just three. The color options you get here are Black, Blue and Red. Not even White is an option.

The price for different colors is different. Black is a couple of dollars cheaper than the other two. Red and Blue has the same price. The product is made up of durable Polyurethane. This product is a bit thicker so you need to cut it properly for the desired results. The product is compatible with all the kind of cutters. It is a long-lasting thing even after regular washes.


  • Very cheap and affordable price.
  • Available in roll so wastage will be less.
  • Made of Polyurethane so has more elasticity and durability.


  • Thicker than other Vinyl.
  • Harder cutting process and need more heat.

Value for Money?

For sure this product is worth its price. It is available in very affordable price with very good quality and durability.

This vinyl is a bit thicker but if you need something that last long and looks bolder, this is the product you must go for.

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#7. HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl:

Here again we have a roll which is extremely long. It has the size of the dimensions 12 inches by 25 feet. The product is available in just one-color options and no other option to choose. The only color option you get is the White color.

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The vinyl is suitable to be used with all kind of clothing material and all kind of cutters. It is compatible for all. The product is of extreme quality and long durability. It is made up of SGS material which is safer and more ecofriendly product.

The company is extremely confident about their product and believes in complete consumer satisfaction so they are always available for you. If you get any trouble with the product or you need any assistance in the process, you can contact them and they will help you out.


  • A very long roll suitable for professional use.
  • Made up of SGS material which is safe and eco-friendly.
  • Complete consumer satisfaction by the company.


  • Only single-color option which is white.
  • Need different temperature setting so need to find the correct temperature with some sample piece.

Value for Money?

The product is one of the best choices for professional use. It is extremely large and can be used for a long time.

You get only one-color option here which is white and if this is the color you are looking for, there can be no better choice for you.

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#8. HTVRONT HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle:

Here we again have a product from the same company. This time we have sheets to offer instead of roll. This bundle has 25 sheets of multiple colors in less than 20$.

Here you get 16 different color shades and a Teflon sheet along with it. some of the colors have multiple sheets which are used very often.

You get four sheets of white, three of Black, two for Red, Green and Deep Gold each and one sheet of Silver, Orange, Royal Blue, Sun Yellow, Lilac Purple, Lime Green, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Dark yellow, Neon Hot Pink and Neon Orange each. The product is made up of high quality durable eco friendly SGS material. It is suitable to be used on all kind of clothing material.


  • Extremely cheap and affordable product.
  • Large number of color options.
  • Made up of high quality eco-friendly SGS material.


  • Only machine washable. Not suitable for dry clean or bleach.
  • No printing possible on them.

Value for Money?

A very suitable product to be used for project purposes. You can use multiple colors. The price of the product is extremely affordable and cheap.

The quality of the product is very good making it a suitable choice for you. It is also the Amazon Choice product so you can rely on it.

Another reason to buy this product is that you can contact the company any time if you have any issue with the product or need any other assistance.

#9. PABUES Heat Transfer Vinyl:

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Here again we have a bundle of 26 sheets with multiple colors to be offered. You get 20 different color shades in this bundle and you can utilize them to your best. Some colors have multiple sheets.

You het three sheets of Red, Black and White and one sheet of Yellow, Green Black, Green, Light Orange, Golden Yellow, Gold, Royal Blue, Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Tan, Navy Blue, Deep Green, Grey and Silvery.

Made up of safe and durable eco-friendly SGS material.


  • Multiple color options.
  • Made up of safe and durable SGS material.
  • Quality product, easy to cut and weed.


  • Cannot dry clean or bleach only inside out washing.
  • Cannot iron on the vinyl.

Value for Money?

The only thing you need to care about is that you cannot iron on the vinyl and you need to iron the cloth inside out. Rest this is a perfect choice for you.

It is suitable with all kind of cutters and can be implemented on all kind of clothing materials.

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In case you need vinyl for project works, you can go for sheets and for other purposes, you can get yourself a roll but you do not get color options in it.

So, choose the best option for you among them and do share your experience with them in the comment sections. You can write if you have used any of them and how did it worked.

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